Outdoor Bean Cushions

Tough, Bright Bean Cushions you can use outside!

As thoughts turn to summer, the opportunity to enjoy a gentle breeze on your face, the warmth of the sun and listen to nature's soundtrack is one that appeals to most of us. The great outdoors is the original multi-sensory experience after all.

The range of Mini, Mighty and Monster Bean Cushions provides support and comfort for those with additional physical needs and offer the benefit of waterproof material, vibrant colours and further design features which make them ideal for children (and adults).

Prices start from less than £50, before VAT, and the range represents a more realistic purchase for families than many contemporary products.

And, there is a range of Fleece options too for a warmer, more tactile experience. 

What do I do next?

To find out more about the three size ranges, visit the corresponding shop areas of our website (click on the images below).

Mini-B Sensory Bean Cushion

Mini-B Children's Bean Cushions



Mighty-B Sensory Bean Cushion

Mighty-B Outdoor Bean Cushions



Monster-B Sensory Bean Cushion

Monster-B Outdoor Bean Cushions



If you would like to discuss them with our friendly team, please call 01359 251551 or, if you prefer, email us at enquiries@mikeayresdesign.co.uk



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