Switch2 Control

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Switch 2 by Mike Ayres Design

The second generation of switch control, evolving from the original Mike Ayres Design Switch Control System.

The concept of control exactly where you are working has proven itself over many years.

It gives you flexibility and portability.

The whole system is fully integrated across a wide range of products and applies the principal of the hidden computer, by just plugging and playing.

What this means is 3 very quick and simple steps to controlling the equipment in exactly the way you want.

  1. Switch on
  2. Select programme
    Latched, momentary, timed and up to 14 different modes in specific equipment. It will remember your last settings, so you may be able to skip this stage.
  3. Plug in switch
    Either to a Universal transmitter or directly into the controller. It will automatically know what type of switch you have plugged in, so will give you the appropriate choices.

And then just use it.

Switch 2 - Mike Ayres Design

Features and Controls

  • The best designed and smallest controller of this type available anywhere – (by far)
  • Manual and Radio remote switch in all modes and functions (with a Universal transmitter, works up to 20 metres away)
  • FM frequency Radio remote means no pointing transmitters and no interference with other equipment, use as many as you like together
  • Four main modes of control, on, latched, momentary and timed, and up to 8 modes in specific equipment such as Bubble tubes and lights
  • Timed mode, precise timing up to 99 seconds in 1 second steps and then up to 90 minutes in 1 and 5 minute steps. (counts down whilst in use).
  • Touch sensitive controls (no knobs or physical switches to break)
  • Control panel can be locked, so users do not change your settings
  • Large and small jack sockets are integral in most Switch2 controllers and transmitters (so no more adaptors, whatever switches you are using)
  • Can be used with virtually any switches. They do not have to be Mike Ayres Design ones, they will even work with other peoples copies of our switches!
  • Portable and fixed (hard wired) versions available
  • Integrated into a range of Mike Ayres Design products
  • Remembers the last settings you used when switched on again
  • Very intuitive use and instructions
  • Designed to control any 230/240 volt equipment, with up to 10 amps power consumption
  • Completely safe zero voltage switching of many effects equipment

Completely integrated system working with:

  • Easy Switch Bubble Tubes
  • LED Colourchange lights
  • Tungsten Colour Spotlights
  • Easy Switch Fibre Optic lights
  • Moving Light Scanner
  • Shapes Infinity Panel
  • Soundlight Floor
  • Soundbeam® (switch function)
  • Tactile Panels
  • Fibre Optic Flower Panel
  • Windbox
  • Sensory Trolley

And more new exciting products in the future!

The Switch2 controls fully integrate with our NEW Switch4 interactive system