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Mighty-B Real Fleece Bean Cushions

Mighty-B Real Fleece Bean Cushions

Adult size, Indoor Bean Cushions 2556-401 to 404

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Wonderfully soft, extremely tough Bean Cushions.

Large enough for older children and adults to lounge on.

Colours. A range of 4 natural colours

Extremely tough fleece fabric. Made with heavy duty sponge clean fleece.

Extremely well made in the UK. All hems are double stitched and they have double zips to prevent accidental spillage of beans and inquisitive fingers.

Extremely durable. Designed for heavy duty use.

Extremely comfortable. Moulds to the shape of your body.


Mighty B Real Fleece Bean Cushions
  • Size: 99cm wide x 94cm high x 80cm deep
  • Weight: 8.5kg
  • Made with heavy duty fleece fabric
  • Sponge clean
  • All hems are double stitched
  • Has double zips, which gives a very secure opening, preventing accidental spillage and inquisitive fingers.

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