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Mathmos Projector Oil Wheels

Mathmos Projector Oil Wheels

Oil Wheels for Mathmos Space Projectors 0949-101 to 107

£17.00 Exc. VAT

£20.40 Including VAT

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A range of 7 different coloured Oil Wheels for the Mathmos Space Projector.

The projector is an economical alternative to the Opti Sensory and Solar Projectors with Liquid Wheels.  It is ideal for home use, in small rooms and as a portable projector to use with the Projection Brolly.

It can be used with a Switch2 Control unit and is powered by 240 bolts with a separate 12v transformer.

A range of extremely easy to change liquid wheels are available.

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Mathmos Space Projectors

Mathmos Space Projectors


With a choice of Coloured Oil Wheels, 0949-001 to 007