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Bubble Tube, Easy Switch, for Sensory Trolley

Bubble Tube, Easy Switch, for Sensory Trolley

Bubble Tube, Easy Switch for Sensory Trolley 1926-410

£785.00 Exc. VAT

£942.00 Including VAT

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Mike Ayres has designed a large and safe Bubble Tube to go into a Sensory Trolley. 

The Easy Switch Control enables you to switch the bubbles on and off, step through the 8 colours (with single switches) and select and mix colours when used with a Nine Switch Keyboard.

It is positioned where its full length can be seen and touched and has a mirror behind it.

The Trolley still accommodates all the equipment listed on Sensory Trolley Kits A, B, C and D.  Unfortunately the Bubble Tube cannot be retro fitted to existing Trolleys.

NOTE: The price includes the Bubble Tube, Controller, Mirror and the Fixing bracket, but does not include the Trolley.

Size: Base 50 x 24cm   Tube 100cm high x 12.5cm ida.

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